Zana K. Devlin


Zana K. Devlin is an instructor of Biology in the Department of Biological Sciences at Averett University, in Danville, Virginia. She completed her Master’s in Pathology at Duke University in spring of 2012, and joined the Department of Biological Sciences at Averett in the fall of 2012. Devlin’s focus during her Master’s studies was primarily on the genetics of the immune system following radiation exposure and mechanisms of repair afterwards. She has always had a huge interest and passion in human genetics and changes that, over time, lead to the development of new diseases in human genomes – an interest she plans to study in greater detail during her doctoral studies. Human Genetics is also one of the courses she truly loves teaching at Averett, along with Human Anatomy & Physiology. The combination of genetics and anatomy of the human has Devlin uniquely interested in the bioarcheology of the Khirbet el-Mastarah excavation project. She is very excited to be able to see and study comparative anatomy first hand through the remains likely to be found at the site. She and her husband, Christopher, live in Raleigh, North Carolina. They both share a great love for travelling and photography.